Best Settings for Samsung Soundbar (2023)

Best Settings for Samsung Soundbar (2022)

Looking for better sound quality, clarity, and a richer audio experience? Invest in the soundbar and hear the difference!

Samsung soundbars have become popular in the market as much as the other soundbars from Sony and Yamaha.

People have realized the difference in the sound quality and are getting more and more interested in getting their television connected to a soundbar instead of listening to television programs through the TV speakers.

It is a unique experience listening to the sound of your favorite TV shows and movies all around you instead of getting them from one direction. It gives an immersive experience and TV watching at home will be entirely different!

Best Settings for Samsung Soundbar (2022)

There are different soundbars available in the market to buy from different electronics companies.

In this blog post, let us go through the list of Samsung soundbars that can be used for your Samsung TV so that you can listen to the programs on your television loudly, with clarity, and precision. You can also use these best equalizer settings for TV for your Samsung soundbar for better audio.

You would not want to miss out on all the fun of watching your favorite programs with exceptional audio quality. So, what are you waiting for?

Have a look at the types of Samsung soundbars and go and get the one you think is the best for your television and home. 

Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar – You need not get extra speakers to enjoy surround sound with this Samsung soundbar.

This has Google Assistant and Alexa, and you can have a good sound experience while watching your favorite shows and movies. The design is modern and sophisticated, and it comes with good connectivity too, making it easy for you to connect and use.

Samsung HW-Q950T Soundbar – This is one of the Samsung soundbars that can be recommended in case you are on the lookout to buy one.

It has integrated wifi which makes the process of getting connected easy, and can also be easily attached to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. The 3D sound quality gives takes you to another level of sound experience and makes TV viewing enjoyable and exciting.

Samsung soundbars are good when it comes to connectivity, and they can be paired up easily with other devices. The sound quality is clear and a good Samsung soundbar is the best option for a Samsung TV.

Best Settings for Samsung Soundbar (2023)

They go well together and pairing them will be much easier than with soundbars from other companies.

Let us look at the best settings for the Samsung soundbar so that you get the best sound experience.


An HDMI connection brings out the best audio quality from a Samsung soundbar. Finding the HDMI ARC port on your television is the first thing you have to do, then you can get an HDMI ARC cable to connect.

You might have to make a few changes in the audio output settings for this to work correctly.

2. Auto-Calibration Feature

This feature helps in determining the sound effects and since the Samsung soundbar has multiple audio presets, you can decide what suits you the best.

The presets work for different programs like movies, music videos, and other TV shows, and with the auto-calibration feature, you can reset the sound effects.

Calibrating and right equalization settings will help the soundbars to enhance the music experience.

3. Syncing The Sound

Once the Samsung soundbar is connected to your TV, it is imperative that you sync the sound. If not paired properly, the image and the audio will not be in tandem with each other.

Chances are the image will come before the sound and the sound will not match the dialogue delivery. That is why it is important to sync the sound and the reason why you should give attention while syncing the sound. 

4. Placing The Soundbar In A Proper Space

The position where you keep the soundbar is equally important for you to appreciate the sound quality.

It is better to keep it in an outside area instead of keeping it inside the TV cabinet, cupboard, or soundbar behind you to get the surround sound effects. 

5. Equalizer

Samsung soundbars come with equalizers and those settings can be adjusted to get the sound effect you are looking for while watching television.

You can set the tone of the bass and treble to give you the sound you want to listen to. 


No Need for Inbuilt Speakers – Once you connect your television to Samsung soundbar, there is no need to keep the inbuilt TV speakers turned on.

Switch them off for a better sound effect because having both on can disturb the audio clarity.

These settings work well if you have a Samsung soundbar for your television and the above suggestions will make it easy for you to adjust the settings before you start watching your TV programs, shows, movies, and music videos. 


By now you must have realized how important it is to have your television connected to a soundbar if you want to have a good movie-like experience at home while watching TV.

The above tips and tools will help to make the settings for the Samsung soundbar easy, and you can see how the quality of sound changes once it has been done. There are other ways too but the ones above are the easiest to try.

Gone are the days when the audio quality was restricted to the television speakers, now you will be surrounded by all the action and sound sitting at home. Samsung soundbar will up your television watching time at home. 

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