3 Main Signs of a Blown Subwoofer (2023)

Main Signs of a Blown Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a part of a loudspeaker that produces very low base frequencies.

And if your speaker system has blown the subwoofer, then the chances are you were not getting quite an audible sound.

Unlike speakers, subwoofers can produce very low base frequencies whereas speakers produce mid or high-range frequencies.

The usual frequency range of a subwoofer is 20-200Hz. These low bass frequencies can also be heard in musical instruments like the organ, a sousaphone, or even a bass guitar.

When you are trying to get that home theater experience, you’ll need speakers and a very important component which is the subwoofer.

The subwoofer acts as an instrument that will help you feel the sound that you’re hearing.

A hip-hop song or an action movie can’t be called complete if it doesn’t have that low bass sound like that of the subwoofer.

A subwoofer will act as a cherry on top of the sound that you’re listening to and will give you a cool cinematic experience.

A subwoofer comes in two types that are an active subwoofer and a passive subwoofer. Passive subwoofers are supported by external amplifiers.

Passive subwoofers need strong amplifiers to withstand the bass of the subwoofer speaker.

An active subwoofer is the most commonly available sub, it comes with its amplifier and helps support home theaters and performances.

Sometimes your subwoofer may stop working or it may produce poor sounds or make strange noises when being used. Before taking it up with a technician, you can try to locate some signs yourself.

3 Main Signs of a Blown Subwoofer (2023)

These are some signs that your subwoofer could be blown.

Let’s look at it in detail to be able to understand better if your subwoofer is blown or not:

1. Strange Noises

At times, the subwoofer starts playing weird sounds in between, making the listening experience disappointing.

To be sure that the sub is not working, play some music along with the amplifier, then try listening close to the subwoofer, if it makes strange cracking noises, the subwoofer is likely blown.

2. Damaged Cone

If you’ve accidentally dropped your subwoofer speaker or unknowingly hit it with something hard, then the subwoofer cone could be damaged.

A subwoofer cone is an important component of the subwoofer. It checks and produces high-quality sound by moving back and forth to produce waves for your listening pleasure.

Place your hand on the cone and sense whether the cone is moving or not. It moves, so if it doesn’t move, yes your subwoofer is blown. 

Remove and replace the cone so that it doesn’t damage other parts of the subwoofer.

3. Resistance of the Voice Coils

The Voice coil is a part of the subwoofer that is usually very hot. To check if your subwoofer is blown or not, you can test the resistance of the Voice coils by using a multimeter.

Start by powering off and unplugging the subwoofer, and remove all or any cords attached. Then connect the positive end of the multimeter to the positive terminal of the subwoofer’s voice coils and connect the negative terminal similarly.

If the multimeter shows no resistance or if the reading changes rapidly, it means the subwoofer is blown, else if the reading is above 1.0 ohmmeter, your subwoofer should be fine.

Testing Resistance Of Blown Subwoofer coil
No Resistance In Speaker Coil

Some Main Reasons For Blown Subwoofer

These were a few signs that would tell whether the subwoofer is working or not, let’s now see some reasons why the subwoofer could’ve blown out so that we can prevent these in the future.

1. High Voltage & Power

One reason could be too much high voltage and power.

If the speakers have too much power which cannot be handled by the subwoofer then it is likely that the voice coils will overheat and eventually stop working.

Less power can also be an issue for the electromagnetic field in the subwoofer.

2. Short Circut

Short-circuiting is also a common reason for the subwoofer to stop working. The short circuit will prevent the required signals to reach the subwoofer.

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3. Internal Failures

Mismanagement of the electrical appliance, that is the subwoofer can cause internal failures. It is important to remember to check for any faults from time to time so that no issue goes on unnoticed.

Cleaning should also be done at regular intervals to ensure the maximum efficiency of the appliances.

A Broken Subwoofer
Broken Subwoofer

What To Do With Brown Subwoofer?

Switch off any power connection connecting the subwoofer, and unhook it from the audio system safely.

If the subwoofer that you bought is brand new, then you can look up if it still comes under the warranty period. If it does come in the warranty period, it can easily be replaced by the company.

If it doesn’t, find out the cost of repairing the subwoofer. Usually, the cost of repairing is much higher than getting a completely brand-new subwoofer.

If it isn’t, get it fixed, or else it is an excellent opportunity to purchase another one.

Let us see some frequently asked questions to clear any more doubts that you may have.


In conclusion, now you know what a subwoofer is and you know if it produces strange sounds or no sounds at all, it is blown.

You can always check it with a multimeter device to be sure. Mainly, the reason for damage can be blamed on the high voltage issues and poor management.

Regularly clean and maintain the subwoofer so that you can always experience the best version of your home theater.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What to do if your subwoofer has blown?

It is best to remove it safely from all the connections because then it could damage other audio equipment, especially the amplifier.

If it comes under the warranty period, that’s great, get it replaced otherwise you can buy a new one.

Can I fix my subwoofer myself?

It is always advised to consult an experienced technician regarding fixing the subwoofer.

What sound will the blown subwoofer make?

The Blown subwoofer if listened to carefully will produce a distorted sound on increasing and decreasing the volume.

Sometimes it would stop working in between.

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