Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Soundbar

Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Soundbar

Gone are the times when people listened to television programs and movies through television speakers.

With the introduction of soundbars by electronic companies, sound has seen a different high, and more and more people are opting for soundbars to have a good audio effect while watching TV.

A lot of electronic companies have come up with their soundbars and the Vizio soundbar is one of them.

Vizio soundbars are making waves in the market with their impeccable audio and like the rest of the soundbars from other companies, Vizio soundbars can be connected to your TV using HDMI cable, optical cable, and Bluetooth.

It has taken the effects of sound to another level altogether making TV watching at home fun and exciting.

Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Soundbar

Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Soundbar

Using Bluetooth for a Vizio soundbar connection is a good way to appreciate the sound effects of the television program you are watching.

It should be paired with the Vizio soundbar so that the surround sound works perfectly, and it is easy because there are no wires involved while connecting. 

If you have Bluetooth headphones and looking for a way to Connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio smart TV then here is a guide for it.

Watching television with surround sound gives you tangibility and palpability to the sound as it is audible all around you instead of coming from the front from specific points.

But there have been complaints from viewers that the Vizio soundbar and Bluetooth pairing have not worked properly.

If your Vizio soundbar and Bluetooth are not connected properly it can cause a lot of problems with the audibility of the programs.

This is a problem that must be addressed so that viewers will be able to enjoy the TV programs properly.

On the Bluetooth Pairing not Working on your Vizio Soundbar, and how it can be set up?

There have been many instances when the Bluetooth Pairing does not work properly on your Vizio soundbar.

The reasons can be many, sometimes it can be due to a faulty soundbar, loose cable connection, no proper compatibility, or improper settings.

Let’s have a look first at the reasons why your Bluetooth is not pairing up properly on your Vizio soundbar before we look for solutions to solve the glitches.

  • It will not connect properly to the source if there is a loose connection
  • Check the power supply. Set the soundbar to power mode, or else it will not work
  • The Vizio soundbar should be in the range of Bluetooth, you will not have a good viewing time
  • The Bluetooth and the Vizio soundbar would not be paired properly
  • The Vizio soundbar might not be functioning as it should be
  • Proper connectivity options might not be there on the device to get it connected to the Bluetooth

Once you have figured out the reasons why your Bluetooth pairing is not working on the Vizio soundbar, let us look at the solutions so that the issues can be resolved, and you can get it into working mode.

  • Try disconnecting the Vizio soundbar if it has been paired and is still not visible on your Bluetooth settings. Disconnect and then reconnect with your Bluetooth.
  • An error on the Vizio soundbar and an error on your Bluetooth can cause problems. The best way to resolve this is by restarting both devices and there won’t be any problem after that.
  • Check if you have turned on the pairing mode, if that is not enabled then you will not be able to find your Vizio soundbar on the device, and it cannot be synced.
  • If your Vizio soundbar is not working properly, another thing that can be checked is the range of your Bluetooth. They should be within a one-foot range from each other and there should be no objects in between them. Any objects in-between can also create blocks.
  • Remove all the extra devices because they might be causing the problem by interfering with the pairing. If you think any wireless device is causing the interruption, try moving it to different positions and see which one works the best.
  • Try hard resetting your Vizio soundbar and if there are any power issues and software issues, they will be resolved by doing this. You can switch off the soundbar and remove the power adaptor. Wait for a few minutes and connect the power adaptor to the Vizio soundbar. Switch it on. Once the soundbar reboots and you enable the pairing mode, try again connecting using Bluetooth.
  • The best way to know if your Vizio soundbar is faulty is by trying to pair it with another device.
  • In case the soundbar is connected and there is no audibility, unpair it first and pair it again. The source device can be switched off and then switched on again.
  • Reset your Vizio soundbar and once that is done you can pair it with Bluetooth. A factory reset is a good option to try as it removes the existing configurations.


In case your Bluetooth pairing is not working on the Vizio soundbar, the above tools and tips will guide you on how to solve your problems, and get it fixed properly for you to enjoy the audio effects of the Vizio soundbar properly.

The solutions given above can be tried out or implemented easily to fix the problems arising out of your Bluetooth pairing not working on the Vizio soundbar.

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