Can You Put A Soundbar Behind You?

Can You Put A Soundbar Behind You?

The soundbar is a rectangular sleek shaped speaker that acts as a TV system’s sound amplifier. It creates a surround sound effect which can help you enjoy, movies, TV shows, music, etc.

As technology is advancing, we see that TVs are getting slimmer and slimmer sacrificing the sound quality.

In this case, a sound bar comes in handy as it enhances the words loud and clear. Some sound bars also come in with built-in subwoofers which further enhance the sound.

You must have seen soundbars placed directly below the TV, and even all sound bar manufacturers recommend placing the sound bar directly below the TV to be able to obtain the full effect of the soundbar.

Does this raise a few questions like can I place the sound bar behind me? Where else can I place a sound bar? Can the sound bar be placed behind the TV?

Can you put a soundbar behind you?

The reason why sound bars are recommended to be placed below the TV is that they should be in line with the viewer of the TV for maximum sound.

Audio travels in sound waves, so if there is any furniture obstruction, the sound can bounce off creating uneven audio. Therefore, sound bars when placed in front of your view allow the sound waves to bounce off the walls to create a surround sound effect.

Hence, placing your sound bar behind you can disturb the sound waves as the sound waves will bounce off the pieces of furniture and create a muffled sound around the room.

Where else can you place a soundbar?

A sound bar should always be placed in front of the viewer. This means you can either place the sound bar on the stand in front of you or even mount it on a wall, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s in your view sight and is closest to the TV. Many sound bars now come in a vertical physical structure so that you can easily place them on the floor, right beside your TV.

Placing the sound bar anywhere else can make it difficult for the viewer to change sound settings through the TV remote. It would not be comfortable to turn your head every time to change the settings using the remote plus there would be muffled sound and no clear words. 

What is the best placement for the soundbar?

Sound bars are responsible for amplifying the sound that comes from TV. This makes it essential that we place the sound bar at a position where the sound is not interrupted, and from where we are able to enjoy the surround sound quality of the bar.

The best position for placing the sound bar is no doubt close to the TV. The closer the sound bar is to the TV, the better the experience will be.

So, if you are placing a sound bar below your TV, it is better if the sound bar is placed in line with your ear level. If you are mounting the sound bar above the TV, again make sure that it is closest to the ear level of the viewer. 

What else can I do?

If you still feel like you’re not able to produce the level of sound you need from the sound bar, then you can try a few of these methods:

Bluetooth speakers

If the sound bar isn’t working the way you want it to, then you can purchase multiple Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers can be placed anywhere around the room. You can place these speakers beside your couch or even behind. All you’ll have to do is connect multiple speakers together and then connect it with the source of the sound, which in this case is the TV.

Even if your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth speakers, you can easily connect the Bluetooth speaker to the TV that is if the TV has an audio port by using a 3.5mm audio cable.

Surround Sound Speakers

Another way is to get a couple of surround sound speakers. When connected alongside the sound bar, they produce excellent sound. You can place the surround speaker beside your couch as well if you want to be immersed in the sound.


These two methods work great but can cost you extra money to purchase multiple of them. A single soundbar should be able to do that for you if it is placed in the correct position and direction.

For the best home theater system experience, placing the sound bar below your television or even mounting it above the television can do the magic. 

Placing the sound bar behind you or behind the TV is not the best option and can produce muffled sound.

Remember, that room size also affects the audio quality coming from the sound bar, as a larger room may not be able to provide a sound that is loud enough. 

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