How To Connect Bose Soundbar To TV

How To Connect Bose Soundbar To TV

Watching a program on TV is not just about looking at the picture on the television screen, sound also plays a key role in making the program you are watching enjoyable and entertaining.

There are lots of soundbars available in the market that will connect your TV to external speakers and make your TV watching worthwhile and exciting. Connecting to these soundbars gives you an entirely different viewing experience, a reminder of how times have changed with new technology.

As mentioned above, there are soundbars from different companies. Let us discuss Bose soundbars in this post and see how they work.

Bose soundbar 500, Bose Smart soundbar 300, and Bose Smart soundbar 700 are the soundbars available to connect to your TV and they are all easy and straightforward when it comes to using.

How To Connect Bose Soundbar To TV

They can be installed easily, and the elegant design makes them easy to blend with any décor. The price of Bose soundbars should not worry you too much mainly because it is a good investment. 

Bose soundbars perform well, be it watching TV programs and shows, movies, or listening to music. They come with multi-dimensional speakers and the sound quality is explosive and stunning and will leave you in awe while watching programs on your television.

It gives you the feeling of being amid the sound instead of having the feeling that you are listening to it from the speakers. The sound effects are palpable and that is what makes Bose soundbars a good choice for your television.

Bose soundbars have clear audio and though they are small the audio is powerful and rich in bass. It comes with two speakers and has inbuilt Dolby speakers. The bass sound and Dolby speakers give good sound and quality to the audio, and the effect is even better when used in smaller spaces. 

Bose Soundbar VS Other Soundbars

As we all know there is no dearth of soundbar brands available in the market but what makes the Bose soundbars unique and stand apart from the other brands is their design and ability to upgrade the setup easily.

They also come with a well-built design and have the latest technology to give you a good experience while watching TV. 

This is what everyone looks for, TV watching should be relaxing and uplifting. Enjoy your TV-watching time and feel relaxed.

Steps To Connect Bose Soundbar To TV

Many options are available to get your Bose soundbar connected to your TV. Let us have a look at them.

You will have to get an optical audio cable and an HDMI cable, or you can use your Bluetooth for that. If your TV comes with an HDMI-ARC or an HDMI eARC connection, it is better to go for an HDMI cable. 

How to Connect Using an HDMI cable: One end of the HDMI cable can be connected to the TV and the other end to the soundbar after your TV is switched off. Switch on the TV and the soundbar and change the sound settings to HDMI in the soundbar.

Connect Using an Optical Cable: In the previous paragraph, we speak about connecting an HDMI cable, and in this part, we tell you how to connect your Bose soundbar to your television using an optical cable. 

All televisions need not have an HDMI port, so it is futile trying to connect using an HDMI cable. The next option is to connect it using an optical cable and the sound you get using this is loud and of excellent quality.

The procedure is the same as how you do while using an HDMI cable but in the audio input setup you change it to an optical cable. Go to the Bose soundbar and press the ‘Digital in’ button.

Connect Using Bluetooth: Another common method tried is the one using Bluetooth. It is quite reliable, easy, and straightforward.

Activate the pairing mode of your Bluetooth and soundbar/remote (you might be able to get help from the manual on how to go about it). From the Bluetooth menu on the TV, select the Bose soundbar. Once you select the Bose soundbar, pair it with the soundbar. You will enjoy the audio experience once all the steps are taken.

Bose soundbar connects faster than any other compared to other soundbars, be it on the TV, your smartphone, or laptop the Bose soundbar has no compatibility issues. The disadvantage of having a Bose soundbar is very little compared to its advantages. That makes it a favored soundbar for you to choose for your television.


By now you must be aware of how to connect Bose soundbar to your TV and get the maximum audio experience while watching television.

You must also be knowing how to connect a Bose soundbar to your television using an optical cable, HDMI cable, and blue tooth.

Watching television programs at home and getting a cinematic feel rest largely on the type of soundbar you have connected to your TV and by the time you finish reading this, you will be well-versed in how to enhance the audio quality of your television in a simple and easy way.

Enjoy your television time at home and drown in the excellent sound quality that comes with the connection of the Bose soundbars to your television.

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