How To Connect JBL Soundbar To TV

How To Connect JBL Speaker To TV

JBL speakers come in various forms and shapes. Be it floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, portable speakers, or even outdoor speakers, JBL provides it all.

Not just that, but even with great sound quality and extensive features like the water resistance feature and the Connect+ feature.

If you have recently purchased JBL speakers then this is your guide on how to connect them with your TV. If you want to connect them with TV, then you’ve probably got yourself, floor-standing speakers. 

And if not, then the following method is the most commonly used to connect almost all the models of JBL speakers.

Meanwhile, also check out our article on how to connect JBL Speakers together.

How to connect JBL Soundbar to TV

There are three ways in which you can establish a connection between your JBL speaker to TV:

  • Bluetooth
  • Cable
  • Bluetooth adapter

1. Bluetooth

Most of us may know this method as it uses wireless connectivity to establish the connection. This is the most common and preferred way to connect JBL speakers to TV.

It is because it’s easy and doesn’t require cables. But for this method, your TV should have Bluetooth capability.

Most of the latest versions of TV do have Bluetooth. You can check the TV manual or menu settings of the TV to see if you can find the word “Bluetooth”. That is when you will know that it’s Bluetooth compatible.

  • Open up the settings menu on your TV. Some TV’s come with remotes that have the ‘menu’ button. Look out for the sound option and then click on ‘sound output’.
  • Turn on your JBL speaker by pressing the ‘power on button and remove any devices that could have potentially been connected with the speaker.
  • Back in your TV ‘sound output’ settings, you will see a list of devices that have Bluetooth switched on and the speaker should be on that list too. If it is not, try resetting your JBL speakers and try once again. When you find the speaker on the list, click it to pair it with your TV.
  • When both the devices will be connected together, your TV should show ‘connected’. Try playing audio on your TV to see if the sound comes out of the JBL speaker.

2. Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth transmitter enables the device that is playing the audio like a PC, TV, smartphone, etc, to send the audio wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker.

At times for some reason your TV will refuse to connect with the JBL speaker via Bluetooth or your TV won’t support Bluetooth connectivity.

In cases like these, a Bluetooth adapter comes in handy which you easily purchase it and it shouldn’t cost you much.

  • The first step is to get yourself a Bluetooth adapter, but before you do, check the backside of your TV to see what cable jack would fit in. Usually a 3.5mm USB cable works or even an RCA cable, but you need to check to make sure. 
  • Then, connect one end of the Bluetooth adapter to the TV and the other end to your JBL speaker.
  • That’s all you need to do, play some sound on the TV to ensure that a proper connection has been established.

3. AUX Cable

AUX or auxiliary cable is a standard communication cable that sends audio signals from one device to another.

Another alternative to a Bluetooth connection is an AUX cable. This is a wired connection. AUX cables are highly affordable, in fact, you may even have an AUX cable somewhere in your house.

  • Grab your AUX cable which should have a 3.5 mm jack on both ends. Check the back of the TV to find the port.
  • Connect one end of the cable to the TV and the other to your JBL speaker. Now, play music to see if the connections are in place. 

In conclusion, one of these three methods should help you in establishing the connection. The most convenient method is the Bluetooth one, if that doesn’t work try the AUX cable and then finally get a Bluetooth adapter if nothing works.

Ensure that the JBL speaker is out of connectivity with any other device and that it is fully charged before you go ahead with the connection.

If you are using an AUX cable then make sure the cable is properly connected on both ends.

And that was all; you can now enjoy a theater-like experience at your home with just a JBL speaker!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to connect AUX cable to JBL speaker?

You will need a 3.5mm cable. Look for audio output behind the TV and attach one end of the jack cable to the TV.

The other end to your JBL speaker. Test to see if it works and you’re good to go.

How to tell if my TV has a Bluetooth speaker?

The TV user manual should help you in figuring that out.

Otherwise, you can check the sound settings of the TV to see if the TV has Bluetooth settings.

Does JBL have Bluetooth speakers for TV?

Yes, almost all JBL speakers support Bluetooth connectivity.

Be it, a Samsung TV, Vizio TV, LG TV, Panasonic TV, etc., all TVs do support Bluetooth unless it’s very old.

How to link JBL speakers?

You can connect multiple JBL speakers together to enhance your sound experience by using the JBL Connect+ feature.

However, all the rest of the speakers should also support the Connect+ feature.

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