How To Connect JBL Speakers To iPhone

How To Connect JBL Speakers To iPhone

JBL speakers are easy and convenient to use almost everywhere.

And if you own iPhone, then you must be wondering, how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone. Well, here is the answer.

You can play your favorite music or movie by just connecting it to any device such as a laptop, television, or even phone.

JBL speakers are beautifully designed with a compact body and colorful tones making them perfect to carry around and use on any occasion.

Nowadays, even waterproof JBL speakers are available like the JBL flip 4 in case you need to enjoy a pool party! 

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How To Connect JBL Speakers To iPhone
How To Connect JBL Speakers To iPhone

The iPhone is not just any device. It can store photos, capture videos, and store your favorite songs and whatnot. The iPhone can easily do everything that any other smartphone can do.

Sometimes, there is a movie night at your house with your close friends, and you all are ready to start the movie but disappointed once the movie starts playing because none of you can hear it.

At times like these, if you have an iPhone or any other smartphone and a JBL speaker with you, your movie night is set. But, pairing an iPhone to a JBL speaker can get confusing for some people and challenging as well.

It’s simple, you do not need any external device or even a connecting wire, you just need an iPhone and a JBL speaker.

Bluetooth will help you do the rest.

How to connect JBL speakers to iPhone

Let’s see these 4 steps that will help you connect your speakers to your iPhone so that you can enjoy whatever you are listening to:

1. Start The JBL Speaker

The very first step is switching on your JBL speaker.

Simply press and hold the power button for a few seconds and see your speaker come to life.

Turn Bluetooth On JBL Speakers

2. Turn Bluetooth On

Next, press the Bluetooth button of the speaker. It may be visible like an hourglass symbol for some JBL speakers just beside the power button.

If your device has already been connected before, it will automatically pair up. Otherwise, you’ll need to search for up JBL speaker on your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.

Go to ‘other devices’ and find your JBL speaker. Make sure both the iPhone and the speaker have their Bluetooth ‘on’.

Turn Bluetooth On

3. Ensure Connectivity

If your iPhone doesn’t show the speakers active in the Bluetooth section, it means that Bluetooth on the speakers has not yet been switched on.

You’ll know it’s switched on when a light flickers on the speakers but if it doesn’t you might have to reset your speakers or ensure that the speakers are completely charged.

To reset the JBL speakers simultaneously press the ‘play’ and ‘Volume up’ buttons for up to 10 seconds to reset it.

4. Blast Some Music!

Once the iPhone is connected to the speakers, play audio on your iPhone to see if it works.

The interesting thing is that if you need the best sound quality experience then you can also connect multiple JBL speakers together to produce quality sound.

There you go, it was that easy to connect your iPhone. Now you can easily play all the music you want and wherever you want.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Let us now see some FAQs regarding pairing your iPhone to your JBL speaker.

Why doesn’t my iPhone show the speakers in the Bluetooth list?

One reason could be that your JBL speakers may not have any battery. If that’s the case, plug in your speakers properly and ensure maximum battery before trying again. Remember, it takes up to 3 or 3.5 hours to completely charge the JBL speaker.

The second reason may be that your iPhone has an issue connecting to the speaker. In that case, refresh the Bluetooth active devices list or switch on and off your iPhone once to see if that works.

If it’s still not connecting to your iPhone, the third reason could be that there is some internal damage in the JBL speakers. If that’s the case, try resetting, charging, and finally if nothing works take your JBL speaker to an experienced technician or contact JBL to fix the issue.

Why is Bluetooth pairing going ‘on’ and ‘off’ between my speaker and iPhone?

This may be because the iPhone is kept too far away from the speaker or there are other devices with Bluetooth on which can interfere with the connection.

Make sure both the devices are not too far, are paired together, and fully charged.

Why is my iPhone not connecting with the JBL speakers?

You should try resetting the JBL speakers one, delete all other Bluetooth devices on your iPhone and then try once again.

Can I connect iPhone 6 to the JBL speaker?

It is very simple and easy to connect any iPhone model to your JBL speaker using the exact steps described above.

How to connect an iPhone to multiple JBL speakers?

Be it a party at your house or an official event, JBL speakers come in very handy especially when you need to produce high sound with quality as well. To connect multiple speakers to your iPhone

Switch on Bluetooth from Bluetooth settings on your iPhone and press the Bluetooth in one of the JBL speakers.

Play some music to make sure that both the devices are connected together. 

Once connectivity is ensured, go ahead and turn on Bluetooth on the rest of the JBL speakers.

Pair all the speakers to your iPhone by pressing the ‘Connect’ button on the rest of the speakers. It may take some time but once the connection is established you can now enjoy the sound at great lengths of the room.

Why aren’t multiple JBL speakers pairing with my iPhone?

This could be because the JBL speakers do not have the ‘JBL connect’ feature. To connect multiple speakers, all the speakers need to have the ‘JBL connect’ feature.

In conclusion, connecting an iPhone to a JBL speaker is no rocket science and the connection can be established easily if both the devices are fully charged and working well.

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