How to Connect JBL Speakers Together

How to Connect JBL Speakers Together

What most people don’t know is that multiple JBL speakers can be connected together to provide enormous sounds.

And this unawareness results in them missing out on this amazing feature for parties. How? JBL speakers come with the feature ‘Connect+’ which can connect not just two but multiple JBL speakers together.

This feature comes in almost all JBL speaker models like the Flip, the Charge, the Pulse, the Extreme, etc.

The only catch is, that all the speakers that you want to connect together need to have the JBL “Connect+” feature in them.

This feature can be very helpful to entertain large crowds of people, be it at parties, movie nights, or clubs.

If just connecting two of the JBL speakers will produce high stereo sound then imagine connecting multiple of these. Connecting multiple JBL speakers can also act as an alternative for your home theater system to watch movies. 

In this article, we will cover up steps to connect multiple JBL speakers together and also some frequently asked questions to clear out any doubts that may persist.

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How to Connect JBL Speakers Together

Step 1: Before we start with the procedure, there are two things we need to ensure:

  • All the JBL speakers that we want to connect together have the JBL “connect+” feature.
  • All the JBL speakers that we want to connect together are completely charged.

Step 2: After the assurance, the next step is to “power on” all the JBL speakers.

Step 3: Make one speaker your primary speaker and connect it to the source of the sound.

Step 4: Switch on Bluetooth on the primary speaker and the source which can be your mobile phone, iPhone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Step 5: Search for the primary speaker in the list of available devices on the source and pair it up.

Step 6: Once the device is paired up, play a sound to see if a stable connection has been established.

Step 7: Now, press the ‘Connect+’ button on the primary speaker which should be shaped like an hourglass, and the connect+ button on the rest of the speakers.

Step 8: Finally, all your speakers should be connected and sound should now boom in your party!

That was all you had to do to connect multiple JBL speakers together using the “Connect+” feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I disconnect only one speaker from the connected speakers?

You can easily disconnect one speaker from the connected speakers by simply pressing the “Connect” button on the speaker you want to disconnect.

Another method is powering off the speaker you want to disconnect. This should work and the speaker should be disconnected.

How many speakers can I connect together?

You can connect only 2 speakers together with the “connect” feature but with the “connect+” feature you can connect up to 100 speakers together.

How do I know if my JBL speaker has a “connect” or “connect+” feature?

You can check the symbol for connecting feature which would simply be an hourglass but for the JBL connect+ feature, the symbol should be an hourglass with a ‘+’.

Why is my JBL Flip 4 not connecting with JBL Flip 3?

JBL Flip 3 has only the ‘connect’ feature whereas the JBL Flip 4 supports ‘connect+’ feature.

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