How To Connect Speakers To TV Without Receiver

How To Connect Speakers To TV Without Receiver

If you are someone who wants to save money by not buying a receiver, and simply want to connect speakers to TV without a receiver, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have recently broken your receiver or blown subwoofer, and you are on a low budget to buy a new one and also really want to watch this newly released movie, we got you. 

A receiver is an electrical device that connects your audio sources to a possible home theatre. It accepts signals like radio waves and converts them into usable forms.

They are very similar to routers because they route the data received from video and audio sources to other displays and speakers.

It is designed to function as a device that receives data and audio signals and plays it on a device, so it can produce a better and fuller sound to the audience.

It also acts as an amplifier by connecting the speakers at your home to give you a nice cinematic experience.

A receiver comes with a remote that picks out which audio and video devices to connect to and from.

So, a receiver can prove to be very useful and easy to use as it comes with a remote too. It sure can be pretty daunting if you end up with a broken receiver.

A speaker is a very convenient electronic device that can take your home experience of watching a TV to a cinematic experience of watching in a theatre.

In technical terms, it converts electromagnetic waves into sound waves. They are the most common output devices which can be hooked up to any sound system. 

Not having a receiver is not a complete loss for you.

How To Connect Speakers To TV Without a Receiver

Many alternative ways can be tried.

Let us see some ways you can connect your TV to your speakers without a receiver:

1. Bluetooth

In this modern world, when we talk about a wireless connection, we always have to talk about Bluetooth.

Connecting your TV and the speakers with Bluetooth is possibly the easiest and a very hassle-free way as there will be no involvement of tangled cables.

But, it’s all going to fail if both your TV and speakers are not compatible with Bluetooth. Check to make sure both are Bluetooth-compatible devices.

Even if your speaker is not having the Bluetooth option, you can also use a Bluetooth transmitter. But the TV needs to be Bluetooth-compatible.

Switch Bluetooth on your TV and the speakers. Ensure your speakers are not connected to any other device. Search your speakers on the TV and pair them up. Now, sit back and enjoy your shows.

Connect Speakers To TV Without Receiver
Infinity Bluetooth Speaker

2. Amplifier

Another way is to use a mini amplifier which will convert the digital sound of the TV to analog which is then fed to the speakers.

Search for the auxiliary port behind your TV. It could be labeled as Audio Out or Headphone. Locate the auxiliary port on your speakers.

If your speaker is an active speaker, it is likely the auxiliary port will be available. If it is, just connect it with a cable and you’ll be able to play through your speakers.

If your speakers are passive, that means you’ll need a mini amplifier. Your mini amplifier will have an auxiliary port that you can easily use.

You can also use RCA cables and HDMI cables for establishing the connection.

3. Hub

Hub is a repeater through which you can establish a connection between audio and videos to your TV, computer, and laptop.

It creates a sort of local area network. A Hub is very similar to a receiver, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, a hub is a great choice.

There are two types of hubs- an active hub and a passive hub.

An active hub establishes a connection after it scans all the algorithms whereas a passive hub does not go through the hassle of checking the algorithms.

There’s not much of a difference between the active and passive hub, but you can go for the passive one because it’s cheap.

Connect Speakers To TV Without Receiver
Small Hub For Speakers

4. Direct Connection

This method establishes a direct connection between the TV and the speaker. It might work for some TVs and it might not for some.

You just need to directly use the speaker’s wires to connect to the TV.

It will work if the sound quality is good but most of the time the sound quality gets compromised. It won’t work great like with a  hub or an amplifier but it’s still worth a shot.

You can try these three ways to connect the speaker to your TV. However, if you still have questions, let’s see if the FAQ section can cover some of those for you.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What kind of cables can I use to connect my TV with speakers without a receiver?

You can use a HDMI cable, 3.5mm to RCA cable or a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable.

Why is no audio coming out of the speakers even after connecting?

Navigate your TV settings to find external speakers.

If none of the ways are working, it is likely that your speakers may be broken.

What is the best way to connect your TV with speakers without a receiver?

If you have a Bluetooth option on both the devices, there is no better option than Bluetooth. If you find receiver over your budget, you can go for a hub.

Finally if you need the cheapest way, then purchase a cable which can be HDMI, RCA etc.

Technology can be challenging and complicated in this modern world, but this modern also gives us the internet which solves so many problems for us. 

Hence, if your receiver is broken, it can be very disappointing for you. Worry not, because the methods described up can easily help you. Good Luck!

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