How To Reset Vizio SoundBar (Explained)

How To Reset Vizio SoundBar (Explained)

A soundbar is simply designed to enhance the sound quality of your television.  They are rectangular and sleek bars, placed under your TV systems to amplify the TV sound.

soundbars act perfectly to create a surround sound system in a small room and provide you good sound quality experience while watching movies or TV shows.

Vizio soundbars are popularly known as a good brand of soundbars. But Vizio soundbars also start posing a few problems after some time. To solve all the minor problems, one method that everyone tries is resetting the soundbar.

These minor problems could be that the soundbar is not playing proper audio or that it is cutting off in between or it won’t simply turn on. 

How To Reset Vizio SoundBar (Explained)

Let us try to understand these problems a little more in detail. Meanwhile, you can also check out our recommended article on Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out and Vizio Soundbar won’t turn on (Fixed).

Why To Reset Vizio Soundbar

1. No audio

This is the most basic issue faced by clients having the Vizio soundbar. To solve this, you can increase both the soundbar’s and the TV’s volume to max.

This is to make sure that none of the devices are on mute. Then, you can try disconnecting the soundbar from the TV and connecting it once again to see if that helps.

If none of these work, you can go for the reset option.

2. Buzzing Sounds

If your soundbar produces weird sounds that cut off in the middle, then it is most likely that there is a technical issue.

Before trying the resetting option, you can check to see if the cables are connected properly. Sometimes, if the soundbar is kept too far away from the TV or power source, the cable might overstretch and come loose.

If you are using a wireless soundbar, then keeping the soundbar far away, may weaken the Bluetooth connection causing strange noises. Hence, ensure proper connection of cables.

Even if the soundbar still produces weird buzzing sounds, jump to the reset method.

3. Blinking LED lights

Another common issue is that the LED lights on the soundbar continuously blink with no apparent defect in sound.

However, this can be annoying and to fix this, you need to reset the Vizio soundbar.

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar

There are two types of reset that you can perform on the Vizio soundbar.

  • Soft reset
  • Hard reset/ Factory reset

A soft reset is basically, just powering off the soundbar and then powering on once again to fix minor issues. Try the soft resetting method before you go for the hard factory reset method.

How to factory reset the Vizio soundbar?

There are three trails that you can conduct to factory reset the Vizio soundbar.

  1. Firstly, press and hold the Bluetooth and input buttons simultaneously for a few seconds, this should factory reset your soundbar. If this doesn’t work, proceed to the next trial.
  2. Secondly, press and hold down the input and volume down buttons together for a few seconds to factory reset. Again, if this doesn’t work try the next.
  3. Thirdly, press and hold the input button and the volume up button simultaneously to factory reset the Vizio soundbar.
  4. Fourthly, press and hold the Bluetooth and volume down buttons together, to factory reset. If the above three methods didn’t work then this should do the job.

You will find these buttons located on top or the side of the Vizio soundbar. If any of the factories reset methods works then the indication should be the LED lights lighting up.

Keep in mind, that factory resetting your soundbar means that you are making it as good as new. So you’ll have to input all the settings and connect the devices once again.

In conclusion, Vizio soundbars having issues is not something new, and can easily be fixed by resetting the soundbar.

If the soundbar still refuses to work, then there must be a hardware problem that can only be fixed by a professional.

In this article, we learned about the various issues which we may be facing which compelled us to factory reset. Finally, we also learned how to soft reset and factory/hard reset using 4 trials.

It is important that you act upon the issues faced by the soundbar immediately, so no further issues are caused, and that you know the meaning of factory resetting which is going back to the beginning.

Lastly, I hope you found this article helpful and it solved whatever issue you were facing.

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