JBL Charge 4 Button Functions: A Complete Guide

JBL Charge 4 Button Functions

Are you here because you just got a JBL charge 4 speakers and cannot figure out how to use it no matter how many times you read the manual? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

JBL Charge 4 is a Bluetooth speaker with a full spectrum, powerful sound, and a built-in power bank to charge your devices. This speaker was released in 2018 and became the talk of the town for its features.

JBL Charge 4 Button Functions: A Complete Guide

The JBL charge 4 has a clean design, with durable fabric and a strong body in case you drop it down. On top of it all, the speaker is waterproof! It can float alongside you during your pool swim.

It has up to 20 hours of battery life with led lights that indicate the battery level that remains in your JBL Charge 4. The sound quality is excellent compared to its price. Basically, you wouldn’t regret buying the JBL Charge 4.

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JBL Charge 4 Button Functions: A Complete Guide

Now, let’s jump quickly into how you can make the best use of the JBL Charge 4 speaker by learning how to use it.

Mainly, the speaker consists of 5 buttons:

  • Power Button
  • Volume up/Volume down button
  • Pause and Play Button
  • Connect+ button
  • Bluetooth Button

1. The Power Button

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The power button is located at the left-center which is used to switch off and on the JBL Charge 4 speaker. To start the speaker, press the power button for a few seconds until it lights up.

If the power button glows white, you know that your speaker is on, otherwise, it’s switched off.

3. The Volume up/Volume down button

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You can easily find the Volume up and down buttons on the JBL Charge 4. They have icons like ‘+’ and ‘-‘. Their buttons are located on the right and the left.

The volume up button increases the volume of the audio you’re listening to and the volume down button decreases the volume of the audio output of the JBL Charge 4 speaker.

3. The Pause and Play Button

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This button is shaped like a right-pointing arrow and is situated on the extreme right. Whenever you are playing your music, and you want to pause it, then just press this button.

This button will also pause the music playing on the paired device and if pressed once again, will start right from where it left.

4. The Connect+ Button

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You will find this button-shaped sort of like an hourglass on the extreme left. This button is extremely useful if you want to connect multiple JBL speakers together.

However, all the speakers you want to connect with should have this Connect+ feature to establish a connection.

This will help you to set up your home theater when you want to watch a movie in your living room. Just connect all the speakers together and all the multiple speakers will harmonize and play the same audio. When the button glows white, you will know that the connection is set to go.

5. The Bluetooth Button

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Finally, the last and the most important button is the Bluetooth button, situated exactly at the right of the power button. This button helps you pair up the device you want.

Just press the Bluetooth button and it should glow white. Then search for the speakers on the device you want to pair and make the connection.

You’ll be surprised to know that apart from these buttons, there are other buttons that can perform functions by combining 2 together. These are:

  • Low-Frequency Buttons
  • Reset Buttons

6. Low-Frequency Buttons

The low-frequency buttons consist of the volume down and Bluetooth buttons together. The low-frequency buttons reduce that extra bass and frequency which is present by default in the JBL Charge 4 speaker.

Simply, press and hold the Volume down and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously until they light up to activate the low-frequency feature. Once they light up white and then dim that means your function is on.

7. Reset Buttons

Reset Buttons are very useful when your JBL Charge 4 is not connecting to a device or is not charging up or not playing any sound.

The reset buttons are a combination of the Volume up and Bluetooth buttons. Just press both of them together and wait a few seconds for the device to power off. Then power on again using the power button. The speaker should be reset now and your problem should be solved.

This was all about the JBL Charge 4 buttons, but that is not all about the speaker, the speaker also consists of 3 charging ports and the LED battery signal which shows how much battery remains.

8. The 3 USB Ports

The JBL Charge 4 consists of 3 USB ports that are safely hidden behind a rubber panel. Open the rubber panel and you’ll find, an AUX port, a USB-C charge port, and a USB-A out port.

The USB-C port is used to charge the JBL Charge 4 speaker. The USB-A port is used to charge your device where the speaker acts as a power bank and the AUX port is used to connect it to a device to play sound.

9. LED Battery Signal

The LED battery signal has 5 light indicators in a row. If all 5 indicators are glowing, it means the speaker is fully charged.

If 4 indicators are glowing it means it’s less than and similarly if only 1 indicator is glowing, it means you need to charge your JBL Charge 4 speaker. When the speaker is completely charged, it glows all the 5 indicators again and you can now play all the music you want.

In conclusion, we have now learned all about the JBL Charge 4 speaker, its button, and its various functions. By now you should be an expert in using the JBL Charge 4 speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How to turn on and off JBL charge 4?

A) You can turn on and off the JBL charge 4 speakers by simply pressing the power button on the left of the Bluetooth button. Press it for a few seconds and then again to power it on.

Q) How to increase the volume of the JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker?

A) Volume can be increased by pressing the ‘+‘button located on the backside of the speaker.

Q) Does JBL Charge 4 have a bass?

A) By default, the JBL Charge 4 has a high bass frequency. However, you can reduce it by pressing the Volume down and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously.

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