Samsung Subwoofer Keeps Blinking Blue

Samsung Subwoofer Keeps Blinking Blue

If you want to upgrade the mediocre sound from your TV or speakers, you may be on the lookout for a subwoofer. If that’s the case, you should check out Samsung’s subwoofers. The Samsung subwoofers can be a pain to set up, and after all that effort, you may see that the indicator light keeps flashing blue.

If that describes you and you’re having trouble because of it, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ll make you understand why your Samsung Subwoofer Keeps Blinking Blue and provide some solutions to fix the problem for good. We will discuss the best settings for your device too.

Why does The Indicator Light On The Samsung Subwoofer Keeps Blinking Blue?

We just discussed the possibility of two different blue lights. In most circumstances, the presence of the one means that pairing with your fixed device or soundbar was successful. But, the second type of blue light will be flashing nonstop. The subwoofer may be trying to reconnect, or the pairing task has not been completed.

If the blue light stays on during the pairing procedure, you may relax knowing everything went smoothly. If you see a blue light but nothing else, it’s time to double-check your settings. We’ll examine your subwoofer and fixed device in further detail later in the piece.

We will check out both, as it is still unknown whether your subwoofer or soundbar is to blame for the problem.

Is There Any Way To Stop The Blue Light From Flashing On My Samsung Subwoofers?

You may begin working towards a long-term solution as soon as you identify the issue. Make the necessary adjustments to your setup to stop the blue lights from flashing on and off in the subwoofers.

Initiate A Bluetooth Connection 

The first thing to remember is that if your subwoofers and your soundbar are both wireless, there is already a connection between them. For the subwoofers to work, it is necessary to pair both devices together.

If you don’t disable the auto-on feature, the subwoofers will flash blue once an appropriate connection is created.

Have A Subwoofer That Can Respond

A user may encounter an unresponsive subwoofer if the device does not react to the user’s input. You can test your subwoofers in some way to see whether that is the case. The remote control will come in handy for this purpose.

If the subwoofer obeys the latter command, there is no cause for alarm; otherwise, repair work will be required.

Third, Turn On The Bass Again By Restarting The Subwoofer.

It’s time to turn your subwoofer back on. It would significantly boost the subwoofers, and the flashing light problem might go away once the subwoofers restart. Sometimes, the blue light blinks instead of glows due to technical difficulties.

Restarting the subwoofer would be helpful in this situation.

Samsung Subwoofer Keeps Blinking Blue

Always Make Sure Your Gadgets Are Up To Date

If none of those above measures resolve the issue, you should ensure that your subwoofer and soundbar run the most recent software versions.


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