Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound (Fix)

Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound (Fix)

Having external speakers enhances the audio quality of your Samsung TV even though the TV comes with in-built speakers.

The sound reverberates across the room and the house/apartment where you live when you attach external speakers. It gives you a theatrical experience while listening to music and watching movies or your favorite TV program.

Anyone would love to have a great experience at home with excellent sound effects while watching television. That is a combination of impeccable picture quality and clarity in sound effects. 

Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound (Fix)

You have connected your Samsung TV to an external speaker and the audio is not working properly. In this blog post, we not only give you informative insights about optical cable, but we also speak about the techniques and tips of how to solve the problem of an optical out no sound. 

The best way to connect your Samsung TV to external speakers is by using an optical cable. The TV model should support the optical cable device. Optical audio is of high quality, and they convert electric signals to light.

This light is then sent through optical fiber and what you get next is impeccable and top-class sound quality. For the external speakers to work properly after that, certain changes should be made in the TV settings. 

Experiencing an optical out of no sound? At the outset, go to the settings menu of your Samsung TV. From there using your remote go to the sound settings menu. The sound output should be set to audio out/optical.

It is only when you change to this from that of the TV speakers that the sound on the external speakers will be audible. The input source of the TV speakers should be properly set. Make sure everything is connected properly.

Once the audio output is changed you need to go back to again to the sound section menu. You will find expert settings there. You must format it to PCM from HDMI Input Audio Format and Digital Output Audio Format. 

Click on the audio out and then select optical from the audio/sound settings of your Samsung TV. 

Once you change the settings, save them, and then switch on the TV. Your external speakers will be working, and you will have a different audio experience listening to TV programs, movies, and music from the external speaker. 

In case after all this, the audio of the external speakers is not working properly and there is no sound coming, you might want to check the optical cable.

This can happen if you have a defective optical cable so the best would be to get that changed. Once you change the optical cable and the problem persists then you can get the TV checked, the external speakers, or the port.

If there is a problem with any one of these, there will be no sound coming through the external speakers. Checking one of those will be the best way to understand the problem and get it rectified. 

Let us go back to the advent of optical audio and get to know a bit about how, when, and where it started. It is said that Toshiba, the Japanese electronics company first created the first optical audio cable, Toslink.

The company wanted to have better audio quality for its speakers and headphones. The introduction to optical audio can be traced back to this and since then sound systems for televisions have not been the same anymore.

With the development of technology in leaps and bounds, Samsung has also come up with high-technology televisions that are not only top-class in their picture quality but also in their sound system.

Do You Require an Optical Cable for your Samsung TV?

Is it important that you go for an optical cable for your Samsung TV? For all those who love to have a good sound experience while watching TV or playing a game, this is a good thing to invest in. The tips above will help you get your Samsung TV connected to external speakers and what to check if you have an optical out no sound. 

As we all know, the optical audio cable has come a long way after it was founded by Toshiba and if you are using it there will be a red light on the port it is connected to.

The audio port of the Samsung TV is at the back, and this is the port that should be used to get the sound of your Samsung TV to an external speaker. Once you plug your optic cable into the TV out-port, connect the other end to the receiver in the audio in-port.

You also know what to do in case of an optical out no sound which is again not a complicated task.


In case you are still watching your television program with just the TV speakers, it is high time you get an optical cable and connect it to external speakers.

If you are wondering about the price of having an optical cable for your Samsung TV, it is affordable to buy one.

The process of getting the TV speakers connected is simple and easy. For all those who want to invest in external speakers to improve the sound quality of their Samsung television and have good sound effects while watching TV, this is an ideal choice to go for.

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