Samsung Wireless Subwoofer Keeps Losing Connection

Samsung Wireless Subwoofer Keeps Losing Connection

Samsung’s series of wirelessly-enabled soundbars is excellent, and the Samsung Subwoofer with each model is a crucial component of that experience. For a well-rounded and exciting time at the movies or listening to music, it’s essential to have a subwoofer. The part of the speaker system is responsible for the bass and also where the Samsung Wireless Subwoofer Keeps Losing Connection.

The Samsung subwoofer is simple to set up because it can link wirelessly to other Samsung devices like soundbars. Unfortunately, the subwoofer might not always be able to establish a stable connection with the soundbar and might randomly disengage from the system. Some frequent solutions to the subwoofer connection problem are provided below.

Subwoofer Blue Light on Samsung Turns On, But No Sound

Problems with being unable to hear any sound when your Samsung subwoofer is turned on can occur. There could be several causes for this problem. There may be something impeding the signal between the soundbar and the receiver. The first thing to do is make sure nothing is blocking the signal.

If the blue LED on your subwoofer is lit, you don’t need to perform a sound check to ensure the soundbar and subwoofer are correctly balanced. The only problem you’re encountering may be that the two devices need help identifying one other, even though they both work fine individually. The optimal distance between your subwoofer and your listening area is 33 feet.

A wall may separate your soundbar and subwoofer from one another at such a distance. You should move your subwoofer if the wall is brick or concrete. 

If your subwoofer isn’t working, it’s probably because the signal isn’t getting to it. Your soundbar may experience disruption if another nearby electronic device uses the same WiFi network.

Second, make sure you have the most recent firmware version. Just pressing and holding the “Sound” button once on the Samsung soundbar’s remote will turn off the subwoofer. Then, push it again and keep it down for another twenty to thirty seconds. Numbers will start flashing on your sound bar.

After the letter “B,” the numbers represent the firmware version. If an earlier version is detected, firmware updates can be performed through the SmartThings app or a USB connection.

How to Fix Samsung Soundbar Subwoofer Issues

You’ll have to reconnect the subwoofer to the soundbar if it has become unplugged. Auto-connect is an option, although it’s only sometimes reliable. Connecting your soundbar and subwoofer manually is recommended.

You must first plug in the power cables for the Samsung soundbar and the subwoofer before proceeding with the rest of the setup. You can insert the ID set line into the tiny hole on the back of your subwoofer. Push the button inside with a paperclip. Hold the button until “Standby” goes off the screen and “Connect” blinks.

While the soundbar is still turned off, press and hold the “Mute” button on the remote until the sound stops. Don’t let off the switch for over a few seconds; otherwise, you won’t see “ID Set” on your stereo’s screen. If the subwoofer’s blue LED blinks, the soundbar will be activated. If the blue LED stops blinking after being plugged in, you know it’s securely connected.

Occasionally, you may need to perform this procedure more once to guarantee a solid connection. If it doesn’t work, ensure your firmware is up to date and, if necessary, update your software.

Samsung Soundbar Low Volume Subwoofer

Samsung Wireless Subwoofer Keeps Losing Connection

This might be the solution if you’re experiencing an issue with your Samsung subwoofer being too quiet. Sometimes your subwoofer’s volume will shift from just right to too low without you doing anything to the settings. It could be the firmware on your Samsung subwoofer if the volume abruptly lowers or never fully recovers. Verify the sound is working correctly and update to the most recent version. You may need to adjust the sound on your TV to fix the issue.

If it doesn’t work, try resetting both your soundbar and subwoofer. If the problem persists after that, reconnecting the subwoofer to the soundbar is the most straightforward fix.

Samsung Soundbar Subwoofer Won’t Stay Linked

Many reasons could be to blame if your Samsung subwoofer keeps dropping the connection. Make that the soundbar and subwoofer are correctly connected; there are no obstacles in their path and no interference. What can you do if your subwoofer keeps detaching from your soundbar? The first thing to try is turning the subwoofer and soundbar back on. For safety’s sake, unplug them for at least ten seconds before reconnecting them. Finally, reboot the soundbar and the subwoofer.

If that doesn’t work, try checking the sound. Press the “Mute” button on your soundbar’s remote control to turn off your subwoofer. You need to press the button for at least ten seconds. After that, you can regulate the sound by resetting your soundbar. See if any nearby electronic or physical sources disrupt your soundbar or subwoofer. It only takes a WiFi router to ruin your sound experience by placing it adjacent to your good system. Keep it far from your WiFi router.

Connect the Samsung subwoofer to the soundbar manually if it keeps detaching.

Breakdown in Subwoofer Playback on Samsung Soundbar

Samsung Wireless Subwoofer Keeps Losing Connection

In some cases, even though your Samsung subwoofer is plugged into your subwoofer, the sound will cut out unexpectedly. Possible causes include insufficient memory, faulty hardware, or a lack of a recent firmware update.

My Samsung subwoofer isn’t producing any sound; what gives?

If the problem is that the wireless subwoofer isn’t producing any sound, we need first to make sure it’s associated with the soundbar. Flip the subwoofer over so you can examine its back. A blue light-emitting diode (LED) should be located here. This PAIR indicator can determine the subwoofer’s compatibility with a host soundbar module.

If this indicator glows a steady blue, the subwoofer is linked correctly. The next step would be investigating potential causes, such as interference or faulty firmware. Otherwise, a blinking LED indicates that the subwoofer is disconnected from a soundbar. Here’s how to hook up the Samsung Soundbar’s subwoofer once again.

Pairing Manually

The first thing you should do is put your soundbar on Standby. Verify that both gadgets have their power cords plugged in. We must guarantee that both devices have electricity. Locate its remote and press the red power button to disable the soundbar. When you press this button, the soundbar will enter its standby state.

To be used with Soundbars released in 2018 or Later. The following procedures are different for each Samsung Soundbar model:

Second, activate the Subwoofer’s ID Set function by pressing and holding its ID Set button. The next step is to use the ID Set button on the subwoofer’s rear to enter pairing mode immediately. The ID Set button is operable on more recent Samsung soundbars. Go to the device’s back and press and hold the appropriate button for 5 seconds.

After then, the LINK LED light will begin blinking.

Third, use the remote’s UP button to press and hold it. The next step is to remove the soundbar’s remote, aim it toward the device, and hold down the up button for around five seconds. After pressing the ID SET button, the soundbar’s screen should show the ID set. After completing the ID Setup procedure, the soundbar will immediately switch out of standby mode.

Earlier than 2017, sound bars are supported. For more advanced soundbars, the procedure can be described as follows: 

Activate the Subwoofer’s ID Set pin button by pressing and holding it. The ID Set button is located on the subwoofer’s rear and can only be accessed with a small object, such as a pin or paper clip. This is similar to the traditional reset button on older gadgets, only locked to prevent accidental activation.

Insert the pin and hold it in the hole for a few seconds. Hold the button down until the standby light stops blinking.

Secondly, use the remote to press and hold the SAT MUTE button. To adjust the volume of your soundbar, grab the remote and click the VOL button, holding it down for five seconds. The sound bar will display the message ID SET for about 1.3 seconds.

Make sure the volume on the subwoofer is up. The importance of the subwoofer may be adjusted using the Samsung remote control. The subwoofer volume is often set to 0 without the user realizing it. It’s a good idea to double-check in case you unintentionally did this.

You can raise the subwoofer’s volume using the rocker on the Samsung soundbar remote designated for that purpose. The soundbar’s screen will indicate the current subwoofer volume setting. If the subwoofer is too quiet, increasing its volume may help.


We have shown you how to remedy the problem if your subwoofer loses connection with your soundbar, producing brief moments of no bass every few minutes. Problems with the source device, connectivity, or settings like auto channel switching and auto power on are the most likely causes of your subwoofer’s continuous disconnection from your soundbar.

We’re hoping you found this content both exciting and educational—many thanks for your interest in viewing this page.

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