Soundbar Vs Bluetooth Speakers: Tough Competition (2023)

Soundbar Vs Bluetooth Speakers

Soundbar and Bluetooth speakers are both great audio systems that transmit audio with larger volumes to years of listeners.

For better understanding, we will first try to understand briefly what a soundbar and Bluetooth speaker are. 

We have already a versus guide written on soundbar vs speakers for PC, so make sure you check out it as well.

1. Soundbar

Soundbars are long, sleek speakers that you will find sitting under your TV. The soundbars amplify your TV’s sound system as it comes with in-build amplifiers and multiple speakers within it.

They will improve the quality of your listening experience so that you can enjoy that movie with your friends.

Soundbars are for people who want to enhance their viewing experience with great sound in a way that doesn’t require multiple speakers and cables running around the room.

As technology increases, TVs are getting flattered and flatter which adds some defects in the sound system of the TV. Nowadays, all TVs usually require soundbars.

2. Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a portable audio device that uses wireless technology to stream audio to the connected device.

Bluetooth speakers are compact and come in different shapes and sizes. They are wireless, portable, energy-efficient, and deliver great sound quality.

Many latest Bluetooth speakers also come with a water resistance feature that makes the convenient to use at a pool party.

Bluetooth speakers can easily be connected to any device which has Bluetooth connectivity.

If it’s a TV, then a soundbar will create a better surround system than a Bluetooth speaker because you will need multiple Bluetooth speakers to create a surround system compared to that of a soundbar.

Let us now look at four factors that we can compare both electronic devices with

  • Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Physical Structure
  • Price

Below is a detailed comparison between them.

Soundbar Vs Bluetooth Speakers: Which One Is Better?

1. Sound Quality

The most important factor that comes into play is the sound system of both of the devices.

When we talk about the soundbar, the bass and pitch quality of the soundbar often gets compromised or lacking when the volume is increased.

However, in the case of the Bluetooth speaker, if multiple Bluetooth speakers are placed around the room and connected to the source device, then the sound emitted will be enormous.

But then again, many Bluetooth speakers do not support multiple speakers’ connectivity.

At this point, if you have enough budget to purchase multiple Bluetooth speakers then you can easily choose the Bluetooth speaker option over the sound bar for an excellent experience.

2. Connectivity

Usually, people have wired soundbars in their homes and are not aware of the latest wireless soundbars available in the market.

If you do not want cables running along in your room, then once again, Bluetooth speakers are the choice you should go for.

However, some sound bars are also now coming up with a wireless connection.

3. Physical Structure

When it comes to the space factor, then soundbars are relatively larger than Bluetooth speakers and will occupy a bigger place in the area you want them to be placed. 

Bluetooth speakers are compact and can easily be placed anywhere around the room.

Both the Bluetooth speaker and the soundbar can easily be installed, using the user manual that comes with it.

4. Price

A very important factor to consider is the price of both items. A soundbar will cost you cheaper compared to a speaker.

Because even though a single Bluetooth speaker is less priced than a soundbar, for one of a kind sound experience you will have to purchase multiple speakers.


Both soundbars and Bluetooth speakers have their own flaws and strengths.

Purchasing multiple speakers is the best option for your home theater system but a soundbar will work just fine as well. You can pick whatever you are comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I choose a Soundbar or Bluetooth speaker for my bedroom TV?

If you solely need a sound system for your TV, then you should prefer a soundbar.

With Bluetooth speakers sometimes the audio and the visual on the TV will lack speaker connectivity and there is nothing you can do about that.

But with a soundbar, you can adjust the timings of the audio to match that of the TV.

Therefore, if you just need an audio system for your TV, then I would recommend you to go for the soundbar which will cost you cheap with better sound quality.

Is the soundbar suitable for music listening?

Yes, the soundbar is also good for music listening. Even if you want to listen to music, then the soundbar will provide a powerful sound as well.

How can I create a surround system with my Bluetooth speaker?

To create a surround system, you will need multiple Bluetooth speakers who can also support connectivity with each other.

You just have to place them all over the room to give you that home theater effect.

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