Soundbar Vs Speakers For PC: Detailed Comparison (2023)

Soundbar Vs Speakers For PC: Detailed Comparison (2022)

Are you still confused about which one should you choose? Soundbar For PC or Normal Speakers For PC?

Well, If yes. You are on the right page. In this article, we will discuss Soundbar VS Speakers For PC.

Quick Answer – Soundbar Vs Speakers For PC

Soundbars are great when you want to watch a show or a movie because the audio is clear and you will be able to hear the words properly.

On the other hand, when it comes to listening to music, then a speaker works great too. It will provide you with the right amount of amplification and loud volume.

Speakers are portable so you can easily carry them around along with your PC.

If you just got yourself a PC, you may be wondering whether to get a soundbar or a speaker to connect it to the PC.

Worry not, this article will help you in understanding what a soundbar and a speaker are, what characteristics are provided by both the electrical appliances, and finally which one should you choose to connect with the PC.

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What Is Soundbar?

The soundbar acts like a stereo that is created to improve the audio quality of flat TV screens, whether they are LCD, LED, or plasma.

The soundbar is shaped in a sleek wide design which makes it easy to place anywhere as it occupies minimal space.

Features Of Soundbar

1. Sound Quality

Soundbars are a great source of sound for producing overall great bass and tone. Since soundbars come with build-in amplifiers,

This further ensures that audio is a factor that the soundbar won’t compromise. Fix muffled surround sound and other issues to get better sound quality.

2. Premium Design

Soundbars, as said before are very conveniently sleek and designed.

They don’t occupy much large of a space and can be placed anywhere near your TV or PC. Since it already comes with built-in equipment, the area where you place it won’t also be overcrowded.

This gives soundbars an upper hand over the speakers because speakers will require an amplifier for good sound.

3. Easy To Manage

One of the best features of the Soundbar is its user-friendliness.

It requires not much of a hassle to set it up in your area and just requires a USB cable to establish a connection with the PC.

Modern soundbars are even coming with Bluetooth connectivity features where your TV can easily be paired up. It makes a straight, clean connection without many wires running along.

4. Price

Finally, the last most important characteristic we need to discuss. The price depends on the soundbar that you get.

It shouldn’t be very expensive to buy a soundbar for a PC because you wouldn’t need to buy an additional amplifier with it.

But, if you want to go for a decent soundbar, then the price obviously goes up. 

What Are Speakers?

Speakers come in various forms, sizes, and purposes. The most commonly used ones are floor-standing speakers and bookshelf speakers.

Speakers produce a good sound bass and they include tweeter drivers. Floor-standing speakers work best in a wide area where you have space to place them on the floor.

Bookshelf speakers are the best choice for a PC since they take up limited space and can be placed anywhere near the source, even a bookshelf.

Features Of Speakers

1. Sound Quality

The sound quality of the speakers is good whether you get floor-standing or bookshelf speakers.

You can easily hear both low frequencies and high frequencies. One great benefit of the speaker is that you can connect multiple together to produce a very high sound.

2. Design

The physical design of the speakers is not as convenient as that of the soundbar. But speakers also come in different shapes and sizes.

If you are connecting multiple speakers, it will take up a lot of your space.

3. Portability

Speakers have this really get characteristic that is portability.

If you want to take a sound enhancer with you on a vacation, then compared to a soundbar, you can easily fit bookshelf speakers in your bag to enjoy good sounds throughout your trip.

4. Surround Sound

Another best feature is the surround sound. If you have a large room, then a speaker setup can produce a 3D effect.

With a surround sound system, you can have the best experience playing your PC games or watching a movie.

5. Price

Quality Speakers can turn out to be a little more expensive than soundbars.

Especially if you want to set up a good sound quality system, you will have to buy multiple speakers and maybe even an amplifier if the speakers are passive. With a soundbar, you just need a soundbar.

Soundbar VS Speakers: Which One Should I Purchase in 2022?

It is fair to say that soundbars are your best option when it comes to connectivity with a PC. They are cheap, easy to place, and have great sound quality.

It really is a matter of preferences when choosing what to connect with the PC.  There are a few factors which you can consider yourself like.

  • A small/large room
  • The sound quality for a specific purpose
  • Portability
  • Installation procedure


Overall, I would recommend you a soundbar for your PC. A soundbar will come under your budget.

Besides, if you are using it to connect to your PC, then I highly doubt that you want to listen to music.

Music works great with speaker connectivity. Soundbars will produce high-quality audio for movies, and games and maybe if you are a Youtuber, editing will be fun.

Moreover, if you have a small room where your PC is placed, then the audio quality will be even better.

You will just have to place the soundbar under, or beside your PC, use a USB cable to establish a connection and you’re good to go.

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