How To Split RCA For Multiple Amps

How To Split RCA For Multiple Amps

RCA is a three-color cable that is used to connect two devices or audio systems like Televisions, DVD recorders, etc.

It stands for Radio Corporation of America which was the first company to design a cable like this in the 1930s.

It consists of three-color jacks that match with the three-color socket of a compatible device. Usually, the most common colors are yellow, red, and white.

Basically, the main function of the RCA cables is to transmit audio and video signals across.

The Colors Of The RCA

Although the RCA cable comes in various colors the most commonly seen are the yellow, red and white ones.

Why are we provided with these three different colors? This is to differentiate the audio and video ports in various appliances.

The yellow RCA connector is the composite video connector and is the thickest among other RCA connectors.

The rest two that are red and white ones are audio signal connectors with red being the right one and yellow being the left audio signal connector.

These color cables act as an important guide to understanding which connector goes in which port.

Split RCA For Multiple Amps
The Colors Of The RCA

You might then wonder what is the difference between the RCA cable and the HDMI cable.

If you are someone who is addicted to TV and video games then you might find yourself stuck on this difficult question.

Both the RCA cable and the HDMI cable are very similar, both work on standard televisions and newer televisions but the HDMI cable doesn’t do that well on a standard TV.

The HDMI cable delivers a digital signal whereas the RCA cable delivers analog signals.

The HDMI cable can be convenient as it requires only one cable for connection and the RCA requires not just one.

If we talk about the quality, then both the cables are able to produce good audio and visual signals. Regarding cost-effectiveness, RCA cable is recommended.

Depending on the purpose and situation, you can choose any of the ones because both of them can somewhat produce equally good quality.

Amps are short for an amplifier which is an electrical device that amplifies audio signals which is basically the voltage and power of the sounds.

It boosts the electrical signals so that you can hear better and clearer.

How To Split RCA For Multiple Amps

We’ve briefly tried to understand what the topic of our article is. It’s about amplifiers and RCA cables and how you can connect these together.

You can easily connect speakers with multiple amplifiers but how would you connect the head unit to multiple amps. This is what we’ll learn in the next few sections.

There are mainly three ways you can split the RCA cable to connect multiple amps:

1. Daisy Connection

No, we are not talking about the flowery daisies. This is an easy method to connect the multiple amps.

This connection is based on a series arrangement and requires fewer cables. It’s fast, economical, and requires minimal investment.

Let’s see how you can use this daisy connection to split RCA for multiple amps:

  • Firstly, get the required equipment like the amplifier, the RCA cable, and the device you need.
  • Setup the device using one RCA jack and remove the amplifier from any connections.
  • Next, use the daisy chain splitter to connect the RCA jack on your device.
  • Then, connect the splitter’s wires to the amplifier’s input and output ports respectively.
  • Finally, connect another male plug from the same cable to the other amp.
  • Make sure you do the complete procedure properly and cautiously.

2. RCA Splitter Cables

  • The next method is very simple and is usually used the most number of times.
  • Simply gather the amplifiers and connect the amps using a single RCA output connection
  • Remove the white and red connection cords.
  • Then, using the splitter cable plug it into the red and white jacks on the amp. Here, you are using the same connectors but instead using an RCA splitter cable.

You can easily have access to RCA splitter cables because they are cost-friendly and also a single RCA wire which can connect to multiple amps.

Split RCA For Multiple Amps
RCA splitter cables

3. Line output Converter (LOC)

In this last method, we will use the line output converter to split the audio signals into two amps.

A line output converter is an electronic device that converts high voltage signals, RCA levels, or in simple words increases the number of jacks.

  • Firstly, locate the output ports of the amplifier.
  • Secondly, connect the line output converter to the amplifier head’s output unit. Now, the LOC output will have more RCA jacks.
  • Thirdly, transport the signal from the line output converter to the amp using the RCA cables.

These three methods, RCA splitter cables, daisy connection, and Line Output converter can be used to split the RCA cables for multiple amps.

Which Method Is The Best?

The RCA splitter method divides the power of the RCA jack into two which may not produce the desired sound quality you want.

The daisy connection method can easily result in electrical circuits. This leaves us with the Line Output Converter method, which is the best recommended out of the three.

Although this method can be a bit costly, it provides more RCA ports for your devices which allows you to connect more than one amp at a time and doesn’t degrade the sound quality.

You can also consider the RCA splitter cables method if you are going for flexibility and cost-efficiency.

However, the daisy connection is the least recommended method as it can result in electrical faults, so you can always consult an expert before trying the daisy connection method.


In conclusion, now you know about RCA cables, amplifiers, and the different methods to split RCA cables for multiple amps.

You can now go ahead and try whatever method suits you best and enjoy your favorite television shows and games with awesome audio and visual quality.

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