How To Use Alexa As A Speaker With AUX

How To Use Alexa As A Speaker With AUX

Amazon Alexa is a personal virtual assistant which you can easily carry around anywhere with you and all you have to do is say “Hey Alexa” to make Alexa do your work on the internet.

But sometimes we don’t have an internet connection. At that time basic speakers are the only solution for your entertainment.

Many people who own Amazon Alexa don’t know they can use Alexa as a speaker as well.

Alexa plays music, gives you the day’s weather, delivers you news about the world, provides you with all the information on the internet, and even controls your smart home.

It is fascinating to see how technology evolves and Alexa is one such proof of that. Developed by Amazon, users can also customize Alexa’s skills such as weather programs and audio features.

Alexa can also be easily connected to your device by using Bluetooth or an AUX cable. In this particular article, we will talk about how you can use Alexa as a speaker with an aux.

AUX is comparatively a better option than Bluetooth where you can simply just connect both the devices with a wire.

With an AUX you can hear better than Bluetooth and the sound quality is good.

How To Use Alexa As A Speaker With AUX
How To Use Alexa As A Speaker With AUX

Features Of Amazon Alexa

1. Interactive Function

Alexa provides us with its interactive skill where we can ask Alexa anything, like information about something on the internet, we can ask Alexa for jokes, and we can ask Alexa to order us a pizza, set up an alarm, or even do the math for us.

As long as it is possible to create the code to meet the request and to provide accurate information, Alexa can do it all.

2. Smart Home Function

Alexa has a very interesting feature where it has access to all your home’s smart devices such as switches, TVs, lights, refrigerators, etc.

Overall, Alexa can perform many functions.

You can even save your voice so it recognizes only yours. For Alexa to be able to perform any function you need to start with ‘Alexa’ so that it recognizes you.

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How To Use Alexa As A Speaker With AUX

AUX is short for Auxiliary Port. It is used as audio equipment to transfer audio from one device to another especially speakers.

Its benefit is that it can be used with basically any audio device. Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you will be able to use the AUX cable as long as the device supports it.

Turning Alexa into a speaker using an AUX cable is no rocket science.

You only require a 3.5mm AUX cable where you insert one end of the cable into your Amazon Alexa and the other end into your smartphone or laptop.

How To Use Alexa As A Speaker With AUX
How To Use Alexa As A Speaker With AUX

Now you can simply play some music on your phone and Alexa will act as your speaker allowing you to enjoy your music.


In conclusion, you can use Amazon Alexa as a speaker using an AUX cable. However, your Amazon Echo can only support an audio output feature and not an audio input feature.

This means you can play music through Alexa but not via an AUX cable but you can’t use an AUX cable to play music via an iPod or any other device.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use Alexa As An External Speaker?

Although Alexa is your virtual voice assistant you can also use it as your external speaker.

You just have to connect it with your device using Bluetooth or an AUX cable.

What is AUX?

AUX is a slim cable, short for, auxiliary port.

These cables are very useful and you can use them to establish connections among various devices.

Can Amazon Echo dot be used as a speaker?

Yes, you can also connect Amazon Echo dot to your phone or laptop using AUX and you can use it as a speaker.

Why isn’t my Echo Dot working with an AUX?

You need to make sure your Echo Dot is compatible with an aux. Not all devices have this feature.

Check to see if the wire is connected properly and that it is 3.5mm.

How can I connect wired speakers with Alexa?

You will require a 3.5 mm AUX cable to be able to connect your device with Alexa.

Simply insert one end of the AUX cable to your Amazon Echo and the other end to any device.

Play music through your device and watch the Amazon Echo turn to speakers.

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