Vizio Soundbar Won’t Turn On (Fixed)

Vizio Soundbar Won’t Turn On (Fixed)

Vizio soundbars have become very popular over time. People are turning more towards soundbars to enhance the quality of their listening experience.

Vizio sound bars are sleek, rectangular bars, which come with a remote for convenient access and are easy to set up right below your TV screen.

They come with built-in amplifiers and sometimes even subwoofers.

Soundbars are an excellent cheap replacement for a complete home theater setup, which has many cons as compared to the soundbar. Although the soundbar will not produce a good quality sound like that of a home theater, they are perfectly decent for small living rooms and TV areas.

Any electrical appliance is bound to stop working at some point in time or have defects in its working.

Vizio Soundbar Won’t Turn On (Fixed)

Vizio Sound bar is no different. If you have an old Vizio soundbar and it isn’t turning on for some reason, panic not. In this article, we will cover ways in which the Vizio Soundbar can be fixed at home, without taking it to a technician.

We will also cover up some frequently asked questions for better understanding and finally wrap it up.

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How to fix “Vizio Soundbar won’t turn on” issue? 

1. Power supply

The first step that you should try is to check the power port where the soundbar plug goes in. Check to see if the port is damaged or not, by plugging in another appliance to the port to see if that works. If another appliance works, it means that the soundbar itself has an issue.

Otherwise, sometimes due to an excessive faulty power supply, the AC port may get burned or damaged. In cases like these, it is best to replace the port and meanwhile get the damaged one fixed.

2. Cables

Another reason why your Vizio soundbar may not be turning on is because of faulty broken wires. If your soundbar is old, it is likely that the wires could have been damaged by accidentally pulling too hard on the cord.

If that’s the case, you have to get the cable wire fixed or replaced.

If the cord is not damaged, unplug it from the power source and re-plug it.

3. Remote

Often, the remote that is used to operate the Vizio soundbar stops working. So, when we try to power on the Vizio soundbar, it doesn’t work, compelling us to think that the soundbar is not working.

Switch on the Vizio soundbar from its power button which is present in the front or side of the soundbar, if it switches on then it means, the fault is in the remote.

It is likely that the remote’s battery cells have stopped working, replace them with new ones. This should make the remote work again.

4. Blockage

When we try to operate the soundbar via a remote, sometimes an object blocks the connection which we do not notice.

If your soundbar isn’t turning on, try operating the remote from a closer distance to see if that works. Ensure that there are no objects in the range between the soundbar and its remote.

5. Professional Help

If none of the above methods are working, there must be internal damage to the soundbar, for which you can contact Vizio customer support, who may even replace the soundbar with a new one if you recently bought it, and it is in the warranty period.

You can also get a professional technician to troubleshoot and solve the problem for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do I get my Vizio soundbar to turn on?

You can plug and unplug the cable from the power source to ensure that the connection is established properly, and try powering on by pressing the button on the soundbar.

If it turns on, then your remote may have weak batteries or the cables weren’t attached properly before.

What if none of the above methods work?

If none of the above methods work, it is highly likely that there are internal issues within the soundbar.

To treat this, you will have to seek professional help or contact Vizio customer support.

How do I fix my soundbar that won’t turn on?

There is another method, other than the ones described above which if you are lucky can work.

For this method, you need to unplug the soundbar from the power source. Hold down the power button on the soundbar for approximately 10 seconds. Then, plug it back, and try powering on once again.


Nowadays, especially when soundbars are becoming important and necessary, it can be worrisome if the soundbar suddenly stops switching on.

However, this is a common problem in Vizio soundbars and not something to fret about. The above-described methods should work for you like checking for faulty cables, power sources, remotes, etc. 

If your soundbar stops turning on, it is also important that you immediately treat it because if you don’t, it can further damage the Vizio Soundbar in different ways, which will again cost you more.

Hence, if you find that your soundbar isn’t turning on, immediately try the above steps and get it treated. Good luck!

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